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In June 2009 the BATFE published a couple of items that need to be studied carefully by all fireworks hobbyists. The first was the Explosives Industry Newsletter and the second was a paper titled Explosives Storage Requirements.

Dr. John Steinberg has written an article, which includes some background information along with some Questions and Answers, to help you understand how the BATFE changes apply to the hobbyist. The article has been posted to the PGI website and is linked here Hobbyist Transportation of Fireworks.

An online copy of the ATF Orange Book needs to be studied as this is the basis for most of the regulations that govern the fireworks hobby. The ATF Orange Book is published in paper form infrequently and is often supplemented with other advisory letters between ATF Orange Book updates. The online version of the Orange Book should have all of the most current information that is available.

Links to other BATFE documents, and to several areas designed to answer Frequently Asked Questions, can be found at the BATFE Explosives Industry Branch Programs home page.

All BATFE regularatory forms can be found here.

Here is a link my Licensing Checklist which requires Adobe Reader to open.

The American Pyrotechnic Association Directory of State Laws will help you to research which agencies have authority over fireworks in your state.

Dave Stoddard developed an Excel record keeping spreadsheet that can be used to develop your own forms.  Dave has included an explanation for each of the ATF required forms and suggestion for use.

As additional resources are identified, they will be added to this page.  If you know of other resources that would assist a fellow pyro to become legal, please let me know.

Larry Huber (ATF Licensed - PGI Certified)

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